You’ve already got an immobiliser. Now you need a car alarm.

It could never happen to me – could it?

It’s disturbing to note that even though thousands of cars are stolen every year (according to, there were 48,492 vehicle thefts in 2021) not even half the UK’s drivers have any kind of additional security devices installed.

Perhaps they think it’ll never happen to them, but with car thefts constantly on the rise the chances of it not happening to them are getting slimmer and slimmer.

And that’s bad news for car owners who’ve put their faith in nothing but the factory-installed immobiliser systems which have been a legal requirement for decades now.

These worked on the basis of communication between the transponder chip installed in the key and the vehicle’s security system. Once the key was inserted into the ignition barrel codes were swapped between the chip and the security system, and if the codes matched turning the key would result in the engine starting up. And if those codes didn’t match, then the engine remained switched off.

Immobilisers: fine in theory

Unfortunately those immobilisers – although fine in theory – are in practice now very easy to bypass these days. As are complex key fobs that depend on radio signals to enable the owner to unlock their car doors and start the engine without any kind of physical connection. 

But those radio signals can be traced, copied and used by car thieves to open up the car and steal the owner’s personal possessions in there, or, more likely, to drive away in it.

But car immobilisers can’t really offer complete protection to a car any more, and it seems so many car manufacturers install them nowadays purely because it’s a legal requirement.

Unfortunately installing any kind of factory-fitted alarm system isn’t a legal requirement, and equally unfortunately, doesn’t look like it will be one soon – if ever.

Immobilisers: not so good in practice

If you think about it, preventing a car from being driven away is a great idea in theory – but what if a criminal has other plans?  What if all he has to do is smash a window to grab that wallet that’s been carelessly left in view? 

An immobiliser isn’t going to be much help in that situation – but a car alarm most certainly will. We at Car Keys Solutions aren’t just here to solve car key problems: we’re also here to make sure your vehicle and its contents remain safe, secure and protected, not just against theft but also against any kind of damage or just plain interference.

Additional security with our insurance company approved car alarm

That’s why we recommend installing the car alarm that’s so approved by insurance companies throughout the UK they’ll even reduce your premiums if you have it installed.

We’re talking about the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System – the alarm system awarded the highest security grade possible by Thatcham, the vehicle security rating organisation. And we at Car Keys Solutions are the people to install yours for you even if you’re looking to install van security alarms.

Your car is safe with the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System

Perhaps we should start by explaining CAN Bus: in a computer, the bus system is the circuitry connecting different components on the motherboard. And a car’s CAN (Controller Area Network) bus system is basically the same sort of thing, connecting all of its different electronic control units together so they can talk to each other

The Autowatch 695 can be linked into a car’s electronic circuit system quickly and discreetly – in fact, unlike some alarm systems that need to be installed in a given position that car thieves know about, it can be hidden anywhere inside the car. This means a thief will spend ages looking very suspicious while trying to locate it – something, in reality, that they’d rather not be seen doing.

Many other car alarms go off the instant they sense the car moving, which can lead to many false alarms, for example on windy days or if someone’s clumsy enough to brush heavily up against it.

The Autowatch 695 system can use up to six different sensors to detect any kind of movement and interference with locks and the ignition system. But instead of sounding its (very loud) alarm right away should any of those sensors detect anything untoward, it emits an audible warning signal. If the disturbance stops, the warning signal switches off. 

But if that disturbance continues, not only will that very loud alarm be hard on any eardrums right next to the car, it will also carry quite some distance so the owner is alerted to the fact that their car is being threatened in some way.

But what, you may ask, if the owner is out of earshot? As well as sounding its alarm, the Autowatch 695 system is designed to instantly send a text notification to their phone. 

And what, you may also ask, happens if a clever thief gains access to the car’s battery and disconnects it before trying to break in? The Autowatch 695 system has its own power supply, so both the warning alarm and the high-volume klaxon will still operate.

We will make your car safe for you

If you’re one of the more than 50% of UK drivers who rely on nothing but their factory-installed car or van security locks system, be warned: your car ghost immobiliser could prevent your car being driven away, but it certainly won’t do anything to prevent a break-in or attack by a vandal. 

So now is the perfect time to talk to our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team to learn more about how effectively the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System can protect your car so much better than its inbuilt ghost alarm systems … and how quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively we can install yours for you.