Ignition problems?

Of course we’re well known as Car Keys Solutions, all thanks to the thousands of positive reviews left from happy and grateful customers who we’ve helped out when they’ve had car key problems.

After all, when you’re stuck by an unfamiliar roadside with a damaged or otherwise non-functioning key it’s comforting to know that one of our expert auto key technicians can be with you same day to sort you out – whatever the problem may be. 

But it’s not necessarily the key itself that’s the problem – unless, of course, you’ve locked it in your vehicle, in which case it’s a simple matter for our technician to decode the door lock tumblers, create a virtual key and get that door open for you – all without leaving a scratch.

Then again, the problem may not be as simple to fix – it could be that you’ve happily unlocked your vehicle door, settled into the driving seat, tried turning the key into the ignition and … nothing happened.

That’s when you call us, because not only do we solve any kind of car key problem, we also have the skill and mobile technology to sort out your ignition lock problems too – right there and then. 


Key and lock damage

 Many vehicles these days are unlocked and started electronically, with the key fob automatically unlocking the doors when it comes within range, and either needs to be placed in a specific spot or just has to be inside the vehicle for the engine to start. 

But even more vehicles still rely on the not quite old-fashioned (yet) key blade in the ignition lock cylinder. Once the blade is inserted the steering wheel should unlock, and in general, depending on how far the key is turned, the electrical contacts activate first the accessory functions like the radio … then the engine control module … and then the starter relay to get the engine turning over.

But mechanisms can and do wear out. How many times have you pushed that key into the ignition and pulled it out again? Probably thousands by now, and then of course there’s always the previous owner to consider, if there was one. And each time the key goes in and out of the lock the blade and the tumblers inside wear down just a little bit more. 

As for the blade itself, there’s always the possibility of being bashed around in a pocket which, over time, can either distort or chip away at the key, reducing the chance of the exact match with the ignition required to start the vehicle – or even just turn the radio on. And a heavy keychain will pull the car key downwards when it’s in the ignition, potentially distorting the inside of the lock.

So those are two ways that the key and the tumbler can distort, mismatch and cause problems – and it’s not just a case of merely switching the ignition on – driving over rough roads can make a loose key jiggle about and even cause the electrical contacts to disconnect. Perhaps that might be a good thing if you’re not enjoying the song on the radio, but it could be disastrous if the engine cuts out, and that can – and does – happen.

Then again, distortion isn’t the only potential cause of problems: corrosion can damage and disable electric contacts very effectively, especially in damp or humid conditions – as can gunk on the key blade. That can be caused by anything from collecting lint in a pocket to using the blade to rip the tape when you’re opening an Amazon delivery. (You don’t do that with your car key, do you? Please say you don’t.)


DIY solutions

 If your key fits snugly in the ignition but nothing happens when you turn it, it could just be down to debris in the ignition cylinder, in which case a quick blast from a tin of compressed air might just dislodge that debris. 

If you notice the key becoming looser in the ignition and nothing happens when you jiggle it while you’re turning, pulling it out the tiniest fraction of an inch and trying again might just create the connection you need – but there’s no guarantee that connection will stay intact all the time you’re driving.


The best solution …

… is, of course, to call Car Key Solutions as soon as you notice things might not be right. It doesn’t matter where you are in London and the Home Counties – we can be with you and working on your ignition lock on the same day.  

Our mobile teams have the technology to check your ignition lock barrel, repair it or, if necessary replace it – at your home, or where you’ve parked at work or even by the roadside in case of emergency.  

It’s considerably more cost-effective than limping to your local garage or car dealer, it saves you days of frustration and since you don’t have to drive because we come to you, it’s a much, much safer option.  

And of course, if the problem’s not with your ignition barrel but instead with your key … well, we’re not called Car Key Solutions for nothing!