Key to your heart? Key to your car!

Valentine’s Day is coming up! and we all know what that means: so many keys to the heart being given and offered in so many shapes and sizes, all around the world.

And if one of those keys unlocks a heart and marks the start of a long journey down the road of life together for a happy couple, there’s a chance it could be a very rocky road if there are two drivers in a single car … but only one car key.

What happens if that one car key gets lost or broken? You could fine yourself having to arrange towing their car to the local dealership – who’ll take time ordering, cutting and programming their replacement key.

That would mean ruffled feathers at the very least, since there’s also the inconvenience and high replacement costs to consider, as well as the expense of getting around in a hire car for the duration.

A much better alternative, then, is for them to call us here at Car Keys Solutions and within the same day one of our skilled technicians arrives to create and program a replacement key right there and then, for much less than a dealership would charge so our not-so-happy couple can be a happy couple once more.

And should they call out our technician when a marriage proposal is in the air, we can only dream about duplicating a diamond-encrusted key for those two – like this one for a Koenigsegg Agera R. It’s fashioned from platinum and black onyx, with 40 carats of diamonds around the edge, and therefore a bit more expensive than the average car key replacement.


And the same applies to this car key with 34.5 carats of diamonds from Finnish company Awain, who specialise in serious car key bling.

But we’re car key experts, not jewellers – so we’ll keep on creating and programming functional car keys, and leave choosing diamonds and things to our happy couple.  

In which case one possible car key solution would be Aston Martin’s pure sapphire crystal key for their DB Series. With the grand title of “Emotion Control Unit” it may or may not cut down on the number of heated arguments while driving anywhere, but definitely sounds like it ought to.

But no matter what our couple’s single car key looks like, it’s definitely got potential for a shared-vehicle disaster should something untoward happen to it. And that’s why we advise those two – and everybody else – to have a spare car key created and programmed as soon as possible. 

So if one of that pair of keys disappears or breaks there’s always the second key to keep our couple still happy and out of trouble, as well as saving them a great deal of grief, inconvenience and expense.

And the time may well come when our couple could find that sporty little car they’ve been driving up to now simply isn’t big enough for a growing family and all the accessories that go with very young children. That will be when it’s time to put that sporty little car on the market. 

And that will also be when they’ll discover that it’s easier, faster and more profitable to sell a car with two sets of keys than to try and sell it with just a single key. 

Aside from all the inconvenience to the new owner if something happens to that key, insurance companies have been known to be somewhat suspicious of claims put in for the theft of a single-key vehicle, especially when it comes to a private sale. After all, the previous owner might just have kept the other key. And then used it.

So a second set of car keys certainly helps when it comes to trading in any car for a newer model, and we can definitely help our couple in that department – it just takes